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Mud Daubers
Cicada killers

The cicada killer is a large ground-nesting wasp.  Individual females tend to congregate their nests in areas of sparse grass and mulch beds.  They appear mid-summer and disappear around the end of the summer.  They are not aggressive; even when hundreds of nests are in an area they do not attack intruders.  Bee Removal Service does not work with these as they are very difficult if not impossible to control.

The mud dauber is another harmless wasp.  The adults have bluish or purplish wings and walk with a noticeable prance. They build a nesting structure with mud and the design of that nest varies between species; most common species make a structure that looks like long 5/8" diameter tubes of clay that are attached to each other in series.  Another relatively common species builds a rectangular block structure – these are divided into sealed brood cells and the adults do not reside on the nest.

Paper wasps build a single-layered flat circular nest in sheltered places such as under roof eaves, behind shutters and inside soffits. The nest cells are fairly obvious and the adults linger and reside on the nest.  They can be very aggressive at times.  Adults have a narrow clearly jointed body and are about one inch in length.  When they fly their legs noticeably hang downward.


Paper wasps

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