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Vespula germanica/
Vespula germanicaxanthus

Vespula maculifrons

Yellow Jacket nest in 

leaf litter

The Vespula maculifrons is the most common yellow jacket in the Maryland area.  Nests can be found in buildings, hollow trees, or in the ground.  In buildings, they are commonly found in ceilings/walls under insulation and may chew through adjoining sheet rock.

In Maryland, these yellow jackets occur almost solely in buildings between walls, ceilings, and floors.  They commonly chew through the sheet rock adjacent to their nests.  

This species most frequently nests in the ground but occasionally nests in buildings usually near the foundation.  The nest has a very interesting characteristic in that it has an aroma similar to that of maple syrup.

Vespula squamosa

About Yellow Jackets


Yellow jackets are small wasps that will vary in size between ½ and ¾ inch and may also vary in size within their same nest.  They make a concealed nest similar to a hornet’s nest in structure.  These nests may be in the ground, in hollow trees, or in buildings.  There are a number of species in Maryland and those most frequently encountered are listed below.  All of these insects can be extremely aggressive.

Vespula maculifrons

Exposed nest

Vespula maculifrons

Nest dug up


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